Thor Harris is running for governor of Texas “’cause fuck this”

Former Swans and Shearwater member already has the support of Explosions in the Sky and Spencer Tweedy


Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Thor & Friends leader Thor Harris has been known to be politically outspoken both on and off the stage. Now, the one-time member of Swans and Shearwater is looking to take his views to a much bigger platform as the governor of Texas.

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“Howdy, my name’s Thor Harris, and I’m running for governor of Texas, ’cause fuck this,” he announced via a clip posted to Twitter on Thursday night. When asked about the seriousness of his political ambitions, he confirmed to Pitchfork: “Why the fuck not?”

I saw Thor & Friends open for Explosions in the Sky earlier this year, and if Harris is even half as good in the office as he is on xylophone, then a vote for him is a no brainer. Since announcing, artists like Explosions in the Sky and Jeff Tweedy’s musician son, Spencer, have voiced their support for Harris.


Below, check out more of Harris’ tweets, including one in which he slams Texas’ current governor, Greg Abbott.

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