We’re not worthy! Alice Cooper to introduce Wayne’s World screening in Chicago

No word yet on whether or not Cooper will delve further into the history of Milwaukee


Wayne’s World is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and the city of Chicago is commemorating the iconic film in style. On Tuesday, Sept. 5th, classic rock legend Alice Cooper will introduce a free screening of the film in the city’s Millennium Park. According to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Cooper will “provide introductory remarks about the film and the cameo performance that cemented his ‘we’re not worthy; status among a generation of music fans.”

Cooper’s cameo, in which he details the history of the city of Milwaukee for Wayne and Garth backstage after a show, provides one of the film’s most iconic moments as the two pals fall to their knees in front of the informative Cooper and exclaim their unworthiness to the rocker. The scene is one of the best gags in a movie filled with both great cameos and lines so memorable they’ve become part of the American lexicon.

The Land of Lincoln has really rolled out the “We’re not worthy” carpet for Wayne and Garth, as earlier this year the city of Aurora (where Wayne’s World is set) hosted a bevy of events related to the film, including setting the world record for largest synchronized group headbanging—which sounds like a gag from the film but is very real. Illinois isn’t alone in showing tribute to the iconic duo as Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer lead a star-studded live reading of the film’s script at the Colossal Clusterfest comedy festival in San Francisco earlier this year. We here at CoS even got in on the fun, taking a deeply intellectual dive into the question that’s plagued academics scene Wayne and Garth first burst into the collective consciousness all those years ago: does Wayne’s World or its sequel party harder? The debate shall rage on for a thousand years.

Check out the original trailer for the 1992 film below, as well as the time Dana Carvey and Mike Myers reunited to play the characters of SNL’s 40th anniversary—something that had Myers considering what Wanye’s World 3 might look like.

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