Hüsker Dü share huge Savage Young Dü box set with loads of previously unreleased material: Stream

69-track collection of early recordings from Numero Group is due out in November


    Chicago reissue label Numero Group will give fans a comprehensive look at the early days of Hüsker Dü when they release the massive Savage Young Dü box set this November 10th. Compiled over seven years from tapes and early demos, the 69-track collection is already being streamed in full over at NPR.

    Available as four LPs or three CDs, Savage Young Dü features fresh remasters from sound board tapes, session masters, and demos captured between 1979 and 1982, many of which come from the band’s former soundman Terry Katzman. Included in the set are all the band’s 7-inch singles from that time, such as “Statues”/”Amusement” and “In a Free Land”; a new remaster of Hüsker Dü’s sophomore full-length, 1983’s Everything Falls Apart; and 47 previously unheard demos, alternate takes, live versions, and never-before-released songs.

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    There’s also a new version of their 1982 debut, Land Speed Record. The original release came from the first of two sets the band performed at Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry on August 15th, 1981. However, the original tape was stolen some time ago, and all that’s left is a multitrack copy and decades-old mixdown. Though Numero has the original tape from the second set that night, they decided to use a third tape, one recorded two weeks later at a Twin/Tone Records showcase. “They played basically the exact same set,” Numero’s Ken Shipley told NPR. “They’re even better than they were two weeks earlier. And the soundboard tape was way better. It was just a marked improvement over Land Speed Record. We said, ‘Let’s do a better version of it.'”


    Housed in a linen-finished slipcase, the deluxe box set features a 144-page hardcover book, 40 previously unpublished photographs, and a 12,000 word essay by Erin Osmon. Those who pre-order via mail order will also get a bonus 7-inch called Extra Circus and containing five previously unissued songs from the 1983 Metal Circus sessions. Pre-order everything at the Numero Group website.

    Stream disc one here, disc two here, and disc three here. Below, find the cover art and full tracklistings.

    Savage Young Dü Box Set Artwork:

    Savage Young Dü Tracklist:
    Disc 1
    01. Do You Remember?
    02. Sore Eyes
    03. Can’t See You Anymore
    04. Picture of You
    05. The Truth Hurts
    06. Do the Bee
    07. Nuclear Nightmare
    08. All I’ve Got to Lose Is You
    09. Chinese Rocks
    10. Uncle Ron
    11. Data Control
    12. Insects Rule the World
    13. You’re Too Obtuse
    14. Outside
    15. Sexual Economics
    16. What Went Wrong
    17. Statues
    18. Amusement
    19. Writer’s Cramp
    20. Let’s Go Die
    21. Walk with the Wounded
    22. Industrial Grocery Store


    Disc 2
    01. Drug Party
    02. Call On Me
    03. Termination
    04. I’m Tired of Doing Things
    05. Stick It to Me
    06. Wheels
    07. All Tensed Up
    08. Don’t Try to Call
    09. I’m Not Interested
    10. Guns at My School
    11. Push the Button
    12. Gilligan’s Island
    13. MTC
    14. Don’t Have a Life
    15. You’re Naive
    16. Strange Week
    17. Big Sky.
    18. Ultracore
    19. Let’s Go Die
    20. Won’t Say a Word
    21. Don’t Try It
    22. Private Hell
    23. Diane
    24. Sex Dolls

    Disc 3
    01. In a Free Land
    02. What Do I Want?
    03. M.I.C.
    04. Target
    05. Signals From Above
    06. From the Gut
    07. Blah, Blah, Blah
    08. Punch Drunk
    09. Bricklayer
    10. Afraid of Being Wrong
    11. Sunshine Superman
    12. Signals From Above
    13. Everything Falls Apart
    14. Wheels
    15. Target
    16. Obnoxious
    17. Gravity
    18. Do You Remember?
    19. Travel in Opposite Car
    20. It’s Not Funny Anymore
    21. Real World
    22. Out on a Limb
    23. It’s Not Fair