Kanye West produced all of Pusha T’s new album, King Push

“If it drops this year, Album Of The Year. If it drops next year, Album Of The Year."


Though there are plenty of rumors, it’s still unclear what exactly Kanye West has been up to since he took an extended break late last year.  There’s talk of a new solo album which he apparently recorded on a Wyoming mountaintop. He was also spotted recently in Japan with Kid Cudi, sparking speculation of a secret collaborative album. Now, comes word of a third project involving West.

While performing at the Made in America Festival this weekend, Pusha T let it slip that his forthcoming album, King Push, is produced entirely by West. “I had done this album like three times,” Pusha T explained to the crowd (via Complex). “[Kanye] comes in and he picks all the beats and shit. And then, he hear the beats, and he scraps ‘em and says ‘I can do better.’”

West was heavily involved in the production of Pusha’s 2013 debut, My Name Is My Name. However, it’s been some time since West produced an album from front to back, let alone made his own beats, so this is certainly an exciting development to say the least. Hopefully he’s also taking the same approach to his own follow-up to The Life of Pablo.

Pusha doesn’t yet have a release date of King Push, but added, “If it drops this year, Album Of The Year. If it drops next year, Album Of The Year.”

Revisit Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards” co-produced by West:

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