Tori Amos returns with her new album, Native Invader: Stream/Download

Singer-songwriter's 15th album is her most ferocious and political yet


    Tori Amos is back with Native Invader, the 15th album of her long and storied career. The follow-up to 2014’s Unrepentant Geraldines is available to stream below via Spotify and Apple Music.

    In a statement, Amos said of the Decca Records release, “The songs on Native Invader are being pushed by the Muses to find different ways of facing unforeseen challenges and in some cases dangerous conflicts.” In this case, those challenges included the 2016 Presidential election results and the debilitating stroke Amos’ mother, Maryellen, suffered in January of this year.

    Tracks like “Bang” take a very pointed look at the current politcal climate with lines like “The world now traumatized/ By a cluster of hostile humans who side with their warlords of hate.” “Mary’s Eyes”, meanwhile, is for Amos’ mother, who’s become trapped in her own mind since the stroke. “Hymns for us to sing/ She’s a believer,” Amos sings. “Hymns locked in her memory/ I’m a believer they’re the key.”


    Speaking with Consequence of Sound for our inaugural 10 Years and 10 Questions, Amos discussed how her mother’s condition mirrors the current situation of freedom in America:

    “… It’s a severe stroke. But she’s there – she’s trapped. She can’t write – she’s paralyzed.

    So, it’s frustrating for her, and almost to see her captive, and to see America captive as Earth mother. Mary being captive, and then the idea of Lady Liberty being captive, because freedom is a fascinating word that’s getting used a lot right now, but we have to invade it, because it’s being twisted into something that’s for a few people, and then everybody else is subjugated, and some of us don’t even know we’re being groomed. As they say, not everybody knows they’re working for the Russians when they’re working for the Russians, hence the song ‘Russia’ on the record.”

    Native Invader was previewed with the singles “Cloud Riders” and “Up the Creek”. You can listen to the whole thing below, and catch Amos performing the new songs live on her upcoming European and North American tour dates.


    Native Invader Artwork:

    unnamed 14 Tori Amos returns with her new album, Native Invader: Stream/Download

    Native Invader Tracklist:
    01. Reindeer King
    02. Wings
    03. Broken Arrow
    04. Cloud Riders
    05. Up the Creek
    06. Breakaway
    07. Wildwood
    08. Chocolate Song
    09. Bang
    10. Climb
    11. Bats
    12. Benjamin
    13. Mary’s Eyes

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