QWAM shout down pretension on new single “Doggie Door”: Stream

Plus, the Brooklyn punks share a list of 10 Things they love that people normally hate


    Photo by Karen Sophia Colon

    10 Things… is a recurring new music feature in which an artist goes H.A.M. on a particular topic.

    Certain parts of Brooklyn are seen by some as the birthplace of hipster pretension. (Here’s looking at you, Williamsburg.) But punk upstarts QWAM are here to shake down the too-cool facade that casts a pale over their native borough with their forthcoming EP, Feed Me. According to the band, Feed Me was “written during 3AM subway rides, perfected in sweaty Brooklyn basements, and recorded with their friends at a studio. The songs are about ordering takeout in the pursuit of love and the strength found in being yourself.”

    The effort’s new single, “Doggie Door”, focuses on the latter objective by taking aim at those who wear a “badge of way too cool.” A jerky, classic party thrasher, the song pummels hard on taut drums from Rachel Zisette and Matt Keim’s charging guitars. Vocalist Felicia Lobo leads the assault as she calls out a poser’s false contempt: “You’ve got brutal in your name/ You didn’t earn the hate you claim/ You’re a puppy through and through/ Chewing on your owner’s shoe.”


    Take a listen:

    The five-track Feed Me is due out in late January, and you can pre-order it here. To help expand on the effort and single’s anti-pretense stance, QWAM have shared 10 Things they love that most people tend to avoid. “‘Doggie Door’ is a plea for everyone to drop their tough exteriors and be themselves,” the band tells Consequence of Sound. “It’s a reminder that every angry kid you meet has a heart. At the end of the day, most of us are just puppies trying to intimidate the big dogs. Here is a list of 10 things that aren’t as bad as they seem.”

    Dirty Practice Spaces:

    Photo by Tehnica Schweiz

    When you run out of beer, you can just wring out the rug.

    Drunk Instagram Posts:
    A 2:00 AM video of Rachel, Eddie, and Matt dancing to “Me So Horny” is proof it actually happened.


    Black Eyes:
    When Felicia got hit in the eye with Eddie’s bass at a show, she earned a week long reminder of how great the first tour was.

    Smash Mouth:

    “All Star” came on the radio while Matt was driving, he got so excited he drove into a curb, ruining the hub cap and ripping the outside of the tire. We not only made it to the show, but we can make fun of Matt for the rest of time.

    Staten Island:
    You can order a pizza with fried calamari on it and there is an amazing DIY venue right off the ferry.


    How else are you supposed to make friends?

    “I hate this.” “I also hate this.”

    Friendship accomplished.

    Jersey Shore Bros:

    No one has danced more at our shows. They were right in front, spilling drinks and deliriously mouthing made-up words to our songs.

    Losing Money in Dice:
    Rocking out to Kesha afterwards eases the burn.

    Playing a Bad Show:
    Playing a bad show sucks, but at least you sucked together.

    Gas station food:

    A late-night post-show Wawa sandwich is a thing of beauty. #SponsorUs