Cee Lo Green says he and Danger Mouse have “already started” work on a new Gnarls Barkley album

The one-time Goodie Mob member has also shared "Brick Road", the first single from his upcoming mixtape


When last we saw Cee Lo Green, he was staging dumb exploding phone stunts and making unfortunate comments about sexual assault. It seems he’s putting all that nonsense behind him, however, as he’s now gearing up to release loads of new music. Not only is he prepping a mixtape called Songbirds, but he’s getting back together with Danger Mouse for a new Gnarls Barkley album, their first since 2008’s The Odd Couple.

“We have already started on a new [Gnarls Barkley] album,” Green said in an interview with DJ Booth. “We’re halfway in and we have some overtures from the other projects that may not have stood the test of time, we don’t know yet.”

“I think [Danger Mouse and I] are kind of rebuilding from the ground up,” he added. “There is no building without a basement, it’s got to come up out the dirt; come up out the mud.”

Green says he and Danger Mouse plan to connect at the “top of the year,” and that it’s standard for the duo to knock out their albums in just a week. There’s a good chance, then, we’ll be seeing a new album from the outfit next year.

In the meantime, give a listen to Green’s latest single, “Brick Road”, a soulful, piano-driven track about the realities of the drug trade. The track serves

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