Jamie Hewlett says Gorillaz will release a new album next year

"Damon [Albarn] started to send me demos for new songs quite early on and that's exciting, to hear the new direction"


Followers of Gorillaz rejoiced earlier this year when the band finally returned with Humanz, its first album since 2010. According to the group’s Jamie Hewlett, fans won’t have to wait as long for the follow-up: A new Gorillaz album is slated for release next year.

As a Gorillaz fan account has pointed out, Hewlett broke the news during an interview with TASCHEN, the publisher of his career-spanning art book, Inside the Mind of Jamie Hewlett. “We are working on another Gorillaz album which is going to be released next year,” Hewlett says. “So we’re going straight into the next album with no break, usually we have a good 5 years break but this time we decided to keep going.”

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While it’s still too early to know what to expect from the forthcoming album, Hewlett does note Gorillaz will be headed in a “new direction.” “I’m inventing a new style for the next Gorillaz album,” he explains. “Damon [Albarn] started to send me demos for new songs quite early on and that’s exciting, to hear the new direction.” Check out the interview up above.

Humanz has been nominated for two 2018 Grammys, including Alternative Album of the Year.

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