Miguel straps into a parachute for “Sky Walker” performance on Fallon: Watch

Supporting his newly dropped album, War & Leisure


Today, Miguel dropped his latest album, War & Leisure. Last night, it looked like he literally dropped into his performance on Fallon in support of the new release.

The R&B singer deliver “Sky Walker” while hooked into a parachute that served as a screen for his band. Anyone who’s ever seen Miguel live can attest it was an interesting choice to literally latch him into place, as the man loves to move when he performs. You could almost see him pulling against the restraints during the first verse and chorus, until he finally unhooked himself and let his body free for the second half. And yes, the band also got their chance to come out from behind the curtain too. Check out the performance up above.

Miguel will head out for a huge North American tour next year; you can find the complete schedule here.


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