The Shins announce The Worm’s Heart, a “flipped” version of their latest album, Heartworms

James Mercer has reimagined the entirety of the band's most recent LP

The Shins
The Shins

    The Shins released their latest album, Heartworms, back in March of this year. A few days later, James Mercer’s outfit unveiled an alternate take of the single “Name For You”, something they did again with “Cherry Hearts” in October. Now, the indie pop band have announced a full-length “flipped” version of Heartworms they’re calling The Worm’s Heart.

    The completely reimagined record is out January 19th. According to a press release, Mercer always had a desire for “an alternate version, an opposite version” of Heartworms, and this is his dream realized. All the tracks have been “flipped”, with slow songs re-recorded as fast songs and what were originally slow jams being turned into stompers.

    You can hear the difference below with the too different versions of “Cherry Hearts”. The original clearly has far more pep to it, while the “flipped” take demonstrates more restraint. Check out both versions below.


    “Cherry Hearts” Original:

    “Cherry Hearts” Flipped:

    The Worm’s Heart Artwork:

    unnamed 21 The Shins announce The Worms Heart, a flipped version of their latest album, Heartworms

    The Worm’s Heart Tracklist:
    01. The Fear (Flipped)
    02. So Now What (Flipped)
    03. Heartworms (Flipped)
    04. Dead Alive (Flipped)
    05. Half a Million (Flipped)
    06. Rubber Ballz (Flipped)
    07. Mildenhall (Flipped)
    08. Fantasy Island (Flipped)
    09. Cherry Hearts (Flipped)
    10. Painting a Hole (Flipped)
    11. Name For You (Flipped)

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