Donald Trump dipped out of the College Football Championship right before Kendrick Lamar hit the stage

POTUS missed a set that included "DNA.", "ELEMENT.", and "HUMBLE.", as well as the live debut of "All the Stars"


Unless you’re a fan of Georgia or Alabama, the main reason you tuned into tonight’s College Football National Championship was to see Donald Trump’s reaction to Kendrick Lamar, who headlined the halftime show. Unfortunately, the snowflake bounced before Kendrick took the stage, according to the traveling press pool.

For his part, Kendrick didn’t address Trump by name. Instead, he rattled through tracks from DAMN. celebrating black excellence and addressing the plights that impact his community. The setlist included socially provactive tracks like “DNA.” (which samples Trump’s favorite television channel), “ELEMENT.”, and “HUMBLE.”, as well as the live debut of “All the Stars”, which Kendrick contributed to the Black Panther soundtrack. Replay the full performance above.

Had Trump remained in attendance, he may have gleaned something about the black experience outside of what he’s heard on FOX News. Instead, he’s back on Air Force One, undoubtedly fuming at the NCAA for playing the version of the National Anthem he doesn’t know.

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