Jerry Seinfeld actually says a Seinfeld revival is “possible”

Seinfeld doesn't say "no" when asked if he is interested in returning to the iconic sitcom


    Our TVs are overrun with zombies. Not of The Walking Dead variety, but rather the resurrected corpses of the characters who taught us to love pop culture. But, as Stephen King once wrote in Pet Sematary, sometimes dead is better. Sure, some revivals, stuff like Norman Lear’s modern-day spin on One Day At a Time, have brought something new to the conversation. Others, like Twin Peaks: The Return and the Wet Hot American Summer offshoots, have been transcendent. But, from Fuller House to The X-Files to Will & Grace, we’ve learned that nostalgia alone can’t bring a show back to its former glory. To complain is futile, however, as the train keeps rolling. Reboots of Roseanne, Murphy Brown, and The Office are all on the way, and they’ll likely be pale imitations of whatever it was we loved about them in the first place.

    The latest news in this arena consists of only two words: “It’s possible.” They were spoken by Jerry Seinfeld on Ellen this week, where he was promoting the latest season of his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series. They were in reference to the chances for a revival of his classic ’90s sitcom Seinfeld. They are disconcerting because Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David have always resisted a reboot, as they know they did it right the first time. Now, “it’s possible” is all Seinfeld said about it, but he both forecasted the approaching question and invited the host to ask it, which points to the fact that he’s interested in discussing it, and that he’ll probably be discussing it more in the future.

    Seinfeld’s nine seasons are perfect, and we already saw them screw up the ending once. Also, the cast reunited on Curb Your Enthusiasm’s seventh season, itself a clever subversion of revival culture. And the reunion episode they filmed within that episode that Larry David wrote? It wasn’t very funny.


    There’s also the controversiesSososo many controversies.

    The show’s over. It’s a different world. Tell new stories.

    Also, the entire series is streaming on Hulu.

    Also, @Seinfeld2000 exists.

    Watch the clip below, and let us all hope that Seinfeld was just being polite.


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