Omarosa plays White House victim on Big Brother: “No, it’s not going to be okay. It’s so bad.”

A tearful Omarosa says of the state of the Trump White House is even worse than we all thought


Tonight brings just the second episode of CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother, and we’re already getting to the good stuff. Former Apprentice consestant and short-lived White House staffer Omarosa Manigault opened the series strong, earning immunity in a stroke of luck. Apparently that helped her get comfortable in the Big Brother House, as she’s already spilling the beans about what it was like working for President Donald Trump.

A new preview of tonight’s episode shows Omarosa chatting with fellow contestant Ross Matthews, aka Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Asked why she decided to work for Trump, she responds, “I felt like I was answering a call of duty. I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him.” As she gets into it, tears begin to form and she pulls out the victim card.

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“I was haunted by tweets every single day,” she bemoans. Matthews questions if anyone is there to stop the vicious Tweeter in Chief, and Omarosa claims she tried to play the protector of decency. “I tried to be that person and then all of the people around him attacked me. It was like, ‘Keep her away. Don’t give her access. Don’t let her talk to him.’ And Ivanka and Jared are there, and it’s…” She trails off at that point, shaking her head.

Things actually take a rather unnerving turn from there. In a voice that seems haunted by what she’s seen, Omarosa says bluntly, “It’s bad.” Matthews asks if we should be worried, and that he wants her to tell him it’ll be okay. “Okay,” she responds. “No, it’s not going to be okay. It’s not. It’s so bad.”

Well, our President wants to have a dictator-like military parade, so yeah, we know it’s bad out there. Watch the clip below, and catch Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

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