TV Party: “The One With the Believable Violinist”: On Legends of Tomorrow and Seven Seconds

Fun fact: Allison really, really loves the new logo for Doctor Who

Legends of Tomorrow, The CW

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    Joining Allison and Clint in-studio this week is The Televerse’s Kate Kulzick! Together, this group of misfits gush about Legends of Tomorrow’s slap-happy time loop episode, express their dismay at the lackluster state of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3, and muse on the potential of Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot!


    Along the way, our intrepid hosts discuss the appeal of Doctor Who’s slick new logo, beam with pride at Marco Rubio getting dunked on in that CNN town hall, and figure out what a buddy cop show called Fast ‘n Loud would look like. Enjoy!


    2:40 – This Week in TV: Expanse Season 3 Premiere Date, SNL TV Hosts, Tiffany Haddish and Michelle Wolf’s Dope Hosting Gigs

    Last Week in TV:
    13:54 – Consensus: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Here I Go Again” (CW)
    29:27 – Follow-up: RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 (VH1)
    37:33 – Kate: CNN Town Hall with Parkland Survivors
    48:11 – Allison: Ugly Delicious, “Fried Chicken” (Netflix)
    53:59 – Clint: Seven Seconds (Netflix)


    Reboot Report:
    57:22 – Lost in Space (Netflix) Date Announcement Teaser

    Overly Specific Thing of the Week:
    1:02:26 – Clint: Awkward Reading of a Decades-old AOL Chatlog of the Week – The Mortified Guide (Netflix)
    1:05:10 – Kate: Production Actually Giving a Damn of the Week – Tala Ashe’s Real Violin Aptitude on Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
    1:13:06 – Allison: Logo That Made Me Gasp of the Week: Reveal of Doctor Who‘s new logo (BBC)

    Next Week in TV:
    1:15:50 – Allison: Anna Deavere Smith’s Notes from the Field (HBO), The Looming Tower (Hulu)
    1:19:01 – Kate: Series premiere of Good Girls (NBC)
    1:22:55 – Clint: Season 3 premiere of UnREAL (Lifetime) and Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz)

    Discovery Special of the Week:
    1:24:36Street Outlaws: vs. Fast N’ Loud: Build to Mega Race Gear 4 (Discovery)