These are the 10 rarest Jack White records, according to Third Man Records

Ben Blackwell, the archivist of White's Third Man Records, details some of the most sought-after gems from his discography

Rare vinyl version of The White Stripes' "Icky Thump"
Rare vinyl version of The White Stripes’ “Icky Thump”

    Part of Jack White’s legend stems from his massive catalog of records, many of which are extremely limited and hard to come by. Ben Blackwell, the archivist of White’s Third Man Records, has shared with Discogs his picks for the 10 rarest Jack White releases.

    Some shouldn’t come as a surprise, such as the infamous 7-inch White hid in furniture that he upholstered back in the early 2000s. To date, only two of the 100 vinyl copies have been discovered. There’s also the “Freedom At 21” flexi-discs that were launched via helium balloon and later discovered in a cow pasture in Alabama.

    Two other records can only be obtained if given to you personally by Jack or Meg White themselves. Per Blackwell, a 2005 vinyl pressing of “The Denial Twist” has never been released commercially and “the only way to get copies has been for Jack White to personally hand one to you.” Former White Stripes drummer Meg White also has a box of “Icky Thump” picture discs donning her image on one side. “As Meg appears to give these out infrequently, this is seemingly a harder to find record than most others on the list,” Discog notes. “Rumors abound that there are hundreds of these in Meg’s basement, but that could be difficult to prove.”


    Find the full list below, and read more about each release at Discogs.

    10 Rarest Jack White Records:

    — The Upholsterers – “Your Furniture Was Always Dead… I Was Just Afraid To Tell You” (100 copies exist)

    — The White Stripes – “Lafayette Blues / Sugar Never Tasted So Good” (15 copies)

    — The Dead Weather – “Hang From the Heavens”  (150 copies)

    — The White Stripes – “The Denial Twist” (You can only get from Jack White personally)

    — The Upholsters – “Makers of High Grade Suites” (133 copies)

    — The White Stripes – “Icky Thump” (You can only get from Meg White personally)

    — Jack White – “Freedom At 21” (1,000 copies… released via helium balloon)

    — The White Stripes – “Rag And Bone” (38 copies)

    — The Dead Weather – “Lose The Right Instrumental”

    — Jack White – “Over And Over And Over” (200 copies)

    Discogs has also shared a fun video in which Blackwell surprises White with various mementos from his life:

    White’s new album, Boarding House Reach, was released last week and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a copy.


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