We’re all slaves to technology in A Perfect Circle’s new “Disillusioned” video: Watch

In support of the band's first album in 14 years, Eat the Elephant

A Perfect Circle's "Disillusioned" video
A Perfect Circle’s “Disillusioned” video

    Tool may be making some progress in finishing up their new album, but Maynard James Keenan’s other band, A Perfect Circle, are just weeks way from dropping theirs. It’s called Eat the Elephant and marks their first new one in 14 (!) years.

    In anticipation, today the band has a music video for early single “Disillusioned”. Directed by Alex Howard, its storyline directly reflects the song’s themes regarding technology and our society’s 24/7 reliance on it. There are scenes of hooded, cult-like figures congregating around their phones and a shrine devoted to what I’m assuming is some kind of more powerful phone or tablet device. Life in 2018 is pretty bleak, guys.

    Check it out below.

    Eat the Elephant arrives April 20th. For more, revisit “The Doomed” and “TalkTalk”.

    Next month, A Perfect Circle will hit the road in support of the album and you can find tickets here.