Donald Glover talks Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, picks Tupac over Biggie and JAY-Z: Watch

The star of Solo: A Star Wars Story star blasts through the Noisey Questionnaire of Life

Donald Glover Noisey Questionnaire Video Solo Star Wars
Donald Glover

    The press tour for Solo: A Star Wars Story just keeps right on a-rollin’, and so does the Donald Glover charm factory. The multi-hyphenate creative recent sat down with Noisey for their recurring Questionnaire of Life series, and Young Lando had plenty of interesting things to say about music, Star Wars, and droids.

    Asked to choose either Elvis, The Beatles, or Migos, Glover went with the local option and picked Migos: “They’re from my hometown, I heard them all the time.” He had a similarly decisive answer when drilled about his favorite Kendrick Lamar record, saying,

    “All those albums are great, but DAMN. is kind of an instant classic, right? To Pimp a Butterfly is like off the wall, where you’re like, ‘Oh, these are some good songs,’ and you know, it has a purpose, but with DAMN., I feel like he condensed all of it into one cohesive thing.”

    The next big question involved choosing his favorite of three groundbreaking rappers. Given the choice between The Notorious B.I.G.JAY-Z, and Tupac, Glover gave a measured, somewhat backhanded answer:

    “It’s  really a philosophy question, which all of these really are. So I’m gonna go with… Tupac. I think both of those other guys are better rappers than him. I think it’s really about [cultural] significance… It’s crazy that rappers still compare themselves to him.”


    The final music question pit Prince and Michael Jackson against Justin Bieber. The video — which again, you should watch, as it’s damn charming — begins with a soundbite obviously cut from this question: “First of all I’m disgusted that you even put Bieber in the same… [laughs] Nah, it’s cool. Don’t fight me, Bieber!” He doesn’t choose Bieber, obvi. He paid reverence to Prince, but ultimately went with the King of Pop. “I love the Magic of Michael. I think Michael made you believe in things you didn’t think were possible. His whole world had, like, no death in it.”

    There are some other great answers in there, including the one in which he describes Solo droid L3-37 (voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) as “the Joan of Arc or the Tupac of robots” and says he loves Yoda because he’s “old and weird… and I like Frank Oz.” Go ahead, watch it.

    Are you not entertained?! As for the film itself, you can click to read our Solo review right now.