Fiona Apple (and her adorable dog) answer fan questions: Watch

The musician dishes on the possibility of new music, her favorite female music heroes, lucid dreams, and the origins of "Hot Knife"

Fiona Apple (and her dog) answer fan questions
Fiona Apple

    Fiona Apple recently answered a series of questions submitted via Tumblr fan site Fiona Apple Rocks. The Q&A, spread out across four separate videos, sees the musician addressing everything from her lucid dreams to her go-to songs to womanhood. Throughout most of the clips, the expressive Apple was accompanied — more like pounced on actually — by her adorable and very playful dog.

    Understandably, one of the first questioned asked by Apple was whether she was working on new music. “Yes,” she responded, but provided no additional details. Apple’s last studio album came in 2012 with The Idler Wheel….

    Apple also spoke about a few songs that she cannot play live. One is Tidal’s “Never Is A Promise” because she “doesn’t want to sing that because I don’t want to be back in that place.” Another is The Idler Wheel… track “Jonathan” because “it’s specifically for a specific person and that just feels weird to do.”


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    She also went into detail about her lucid dreams and how, while in them, she will try everything possible in order to prove they’re real. “I’ve even tried to dial people’s numbers when I’m in my dream to come and wake me up because I’m not sure if it’s real,” Apple said, “then the phone will be in a different language — it was in Japanese once.”

    When asked if she has a favorite go-to song, Apple began singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. The children’s classic is not exactly her favorite song per se, but it’s the one she turns to when she needs to get another song out of her head. “I have a problem with when I listen to music or I’m recording music, it won’t leave my head,” she explained. “It’s like you hear it going and fucking going and it fucking drives me crazy.”

    In another question, a fan referenced a 1997 SPIN story in which she was quoted as chanting, “There is no hope for women.” Apple quickly emphasized that she no longer feels that way. “That’s not true anymore,” she replied. “We’re gonna be fine… There’s always hope for women. We are hope. We are the hope in the world.”


    Elsewhere, she talks about her favorite female music heroes, the origins of “Hot Knife”, and religion. Check out all four videos below.

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