Johnny Jewel drops new album, Themes For Television, on Twin Peaks’ anniversary: Stream

Featuring unused music intended for Twin Peaks: The Return

David Lynch and Johnny Jewel
David Lynch and Johnny Jewel, photo by Rene & Radka

Believe it or not, it’s been exactly one year since David Lynch and Mark Frost brought us back to Twin Peaks. In celebration, Johnny Jewel has dropped a new album full of material from the Windswept sessions. It’s called Themes For Television and is “a nearly hour-long foray into the blurry hours of night,” according to the album’s press release.

“I was about a year deep into recording what would become Windswept when I heard that David was making Season 3,” Jewel explains. “It’s been a year since Chromatics performed at the Roadhouse. With disintegrated memory through the haze of television snow, I wanted to share a glimpse behind the red curtain.”

If you recall from our interview with Jewel last year, the Chromatics mastermind recorded over 20 hours of material for the series, and only bits and pieces of it came out last year in his incredible solo album, Windswept. Now, you can hear even more, including an alternate, minimal versions of “Windswept”, “Saturday”, and “Shadow”.

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“The project began as a sonic exploration of the sounds I was hearing in my nightmares,” Jewel says. “I wanted to find my way out of the maze by focusing on beauty over fear — like the way the fractured sunrise looks in a dream.

He’s not just being poetic. Take a listen below to see what he means, and catch the dreamy, Lynchian video for “Red Door” shortly after. Vinyl enthusiasts may also want to seek out the album’s double LP that’s been pressed on cherry-red vinyl via Italians Do It Better, no different than wonderful slices available at Norma’s Double R Diner. Oh god, anyone else still having withdrawals?

In related news, another new Jewel LP, Digital Rain, was released this past January. For those looking for Dear Tommy, the Chromatics’ much-hyped follow-up to 2012’s Kill for Love, you’ll have to wait until the seasons change and the pumpkins pop up, aka this autumn. But hey, it’s not like the guy’s leaving you stranded in the waiting room.

Ah, the waiting room!

“Red Door” Music Video:

Themes For Television Artwork:

Johnny Jewels Themes For Television


Themes For Television Tracklist:
01. Requiem
02. Windswept (Minimal)
03. Loveless
04. Saturday (Evening)
05. Red Curtains
06. Deja Vu
07. Lipstick
08. Tomorrow Is Yesterday
09. Shadow (Opening Titles)
10. Self Portrait
11. Black Room
12. Spiral Staircase
13. Embers
14. Sleepless
15. Nightmare
16. Red Door
17. Waking Up
18. Caffeine
19. Purgatory
20. Breathless
21. Infinity Room

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