Mike Patton announces release of his creepy score to Stephen King’s 1922

Stream the ominous closer, "Sweetheart Bandits 2 'We All Get Caught'"

Mike Patton
Mike Patton

    Last year, we learned that iconoclastic musician Mike Patton composed the score for Zak Hilditch’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 1922, giving us the Patton-King collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Now, an expanded version of the score has been announced.

    On July 20th, Ipecac Recordings will release the score on “hardwood” colored vinyl, as well as on CD and digital formats. Heavy on funereal strings, the score is rich and mournful, punctuated by anxious strains of percussion and the occasional burst of dissonance. Pre-order it here.

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    It’s stunning, but more suited for a wake than a dinner party. Just listen to the score’s ominous closer, “Sweetheart Bandits 2 ‘We All Get Caught'”, which Patton has shared along with the soundtrack’s announcement. Check it below:


    [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=709219328 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=3569403825]

    Patton’s been busy, if you haven’t been paying attention. The polymath just released a new Dead Cross EP with Dave Lombardo, and has shared new collaborations with the likes of John Zorn and DJ Qbert.

    If you’re looking for more on Stephen King, however, check out Consequence of Sound’s Stephen King podcast, The Losers’ Club. Last year, we interviewed Hilditch, while also sharing our thoughts on the film. Listen to it here.

    1922 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:

    1922 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:
    01. No Grave for Mama
    02. Mea Culpa
    03. Sweetheart Bandits
    04. Death of a Marriage
    05. Murder is Work
    06. Omaha 1930
    07. Farewell Note
    08. “This As Thieves”
    09. Cornfield – (Vertical)
    10. Mea Culpa 2
    11. Elphis
    12. Magnolia Hotel
    13. We’ll Send Her To Heaven
    14. “I’d Come To Hate Her”
    15. Cornfield – (Horizontal)
    16. “Secrets Only A Dead Woman Could Know”
    17. Dead Woman’s Secrets
    18. Problem Wife
    19. The Deed Is Done
    20. The Conniving Man
    21. Sweetheart Bandits 2 “We All Get Caught”