Sky Ferreira covers ‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry”: Stream

Plus, the pop singer offers an update on her long-awaited new album

Stream Sky Ferreira Voices Carry Cover
Sky Ferreira

    Believe it or not, it’s been more than five years since Sky Ferreira dropped her breakthrough hit “Everything Is Embarrassing”. We’re still hoping the pop singer returns sometime in 2018 with her long-awaited Night Time, My Time follow-up, but until then, we’ll make do with a new cover song she’s released today.

    Ferreira has tackled “Voices Carry”, the Billboard Hot 100 hit from ‘Til Tuesday, the ’80s outfit fronted by Aimee Mann. Ferreira has performed it a number of times in concert, but this studio version — what she calls “an infant demo” — was recorded in just one day at Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood.

    Take a listen below.


    Today’s cover song is in celebration of Ferreira’s regaining access to her SoundCloud. Over the weekend, she was locked out of the account and, in a series of tweets, described the frustrating ordeal (“The point to all of this: don’t give your logins to record labels”) and how rampant sexism in the music industry played a part in the whole thing.

    On a lighter note, in the SoundCloud description Ferreira promised to post “a lot more stuff” and “will let you know more about my album.” Regarding forthcoming new material, Ferreria tweeted that “the only thing I can say is I am truly confident in what I’m making/capable of & it’s truly been a rollercoaster through hell in order to make it happen this time. It’s been a learning experience.”

    SoundCloud description:

    Hi! Thanks to my fans & soundcloud for helping me get my login back so quickly. I wanted to post something now that it’s back in my hands. Here’s a cover of ~Voices Carry~. I’ve played it live a few times this year. It’s always been one of my favorite songs but it’s kind of deeply personal to me,lyrically. I recorded this in one day when a engineer had a room at Sunset Sound available.He let me use the studio for free as a favor, some of my friends came in and played the bass/guitar/drums for me after calling them 45 minutes before asking if they could try playing random stuff for me to work with/write on. Nobody has produced it (except me… I guess but this version isn’t produced or mixed.It also doesn’t have the synths & guitars I added today. I am out of the country so my computer keeps crashing.)I didn’t want to wait until I was back to upload something. I have no idea what this sounds like in speakers either lol. This is what I call the infant demo because it’s basically the scratch demo since it hasn’t really been worked on & what not. It’s also the only thing I can post without getting in trouble by other people involved on other songs.I promise I will be posting a lot more stuff on here & will let you know more about my album. I always feel a lot more comfortable sharing music related things here instead of Instagram etc

    thanks for the support

    I will give you one hint about one of my first two singles:

    There’s a fire on your street