Trouble in paradise: Grimes and Elon Musk have unfollowed each other on social media

It's been a tumultuous run for the odd couple

grimes and elon musk social media
Elon Musk and Grimes

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk complained about the toll running Tesla has taken on his personal life, stating that “from a personal pain standpoint, the worst is yet to come.” Such a statement caused many to wonder the status of his relationship with pop star Grimes, with whom he’d been dating since May. If social media is any indication, we may have our answer.

Over the weekend, the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter, where their romance first sparked. As of this writing, Grimes still follows Musk on Twitter, though she hasn’t engaged on the platform in several weeks.

The relationship has produced no shortage of drama, with the progressive Grimes having surprised many by defending Musk’s anti-union practices and his history of GOP donations. Recently, controversial rapper Azealia Banks came forward with a bizarre tale of a weekend spent at Musk’s home with Grimes, in which she viciously attacked the couple and claimed Musk was “scrounging” for investors when not tweeting on acid.

Neither camp has commented on the state of their romance as of yet, but we’re starting to think they might not be heading to Burning Man together, after all.

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