Unreleased Joe Strummer track “Rose of Erin” is a cinematic jam: Stream

The track originally appeared in Sara Driver's 1993 film, When Pigs Fly

Joe Strummer

    On September 28th, Joe Strummer’s solo output will be memorialized in an expansive box set titled, Joe Strummer 001. Already, we’ve heard “London is Burning”, an alternate take of “Burnin’ Street” off his final Mescaleros album Streetcore, and now we have a cinematic gem in “Rose of Erin”.

    The song dates back to 1993, when it first appeared in Sara Driver’s film, When Pigs Fly, starring Marianne Faithful. There was no soundtrack accompanying the film’s release, leaving this majestic ballad strictly on celluloid until now. Stream the full track below.

    The box set will be available in a number of formats, including a limited edition deluxe box set that will feature vinyl pressings, a 7-inch vinyl single, a cassette, an art print, collectibles, and an accompanying book featuring rare, unpublished photographs, memorabilia, reviews, and technical notes.

    Pre-orders are available for all formats here.

    Joe Strummer 001 Tracklist:

    Side 1:
    01. Letsagetabitarockin
    02. Keys To Your Heart
    03. Love Kills
    04. Tennesse Rain
    05. Trash City
    06. 15th Brigade

    Side 2:
    01. Ride Your Donkey
    02. Burning Lights
    03. Afro-Cuban Be-Bop
    04. Sand Paper Blues
    05. Generations

    Side 3:
    01. It’s A Rockin’World
    02. Yalla Yalla
    03. X-Ray Style
    04. Johnny Appleseed

    Side 4:
    01. Minstrel Boy
    02. Redemption Song
    03. Over The Border
    04. Coma Girl
    05. Silver & Gold

    Side 5:
    01. Letsagetabitarockin (demo)
    02. Czechoslovak Song / Where Is England (demo)
    03. Pouring Rain (previously unreleased)
    04. Blues On The River (previously unreleased)
    05. Crying on 23rd (previously unreleased)
    06. 2 Bullets (previously unreleased)

    Side 6:
    01. When Pigs Fly
    02. Pouring Rain
    03. Rose of Erin (previously unreleased)
    04. The Cool Impossible (previously unreleased)
    05. London Is Burning (previously unreleased)

    12-Inch Single:
    01. US North (previously unreleased)

    7-Inch Single:
    01. This Is England (demo)
    02. Before We Go Forward (demo)

    01. U.S. North Basement Demo (previously unreleased)