Childish Gambino debuts new music at “This Is America Tour” kick-off: Setlist + Video

Donald Glover also told the audience that this would be his last tour as Childish Gambino

Watch Childish Gambino debut Algorhythm All Night in Atlanta
Childish Gambino, photo by Ben Kaye

    Last night, Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, launched his “This Is America Tour” at the Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta. His 17-song set was a career-spanning affair, including hits past and present, as well as the debut of all-new material. Glover also announce that this tour would be “the last Gambino tour ever,” as fans on reddit have pointed out.

    Glover kicked off the evening with a one-two punch of new songs: “Algorhythm” and “All Night”. The former in particular was a dramatic, synth-laden arrangement clocking in at over eight minutes. “As we stand together, promise me that we’ll teach the children that we must be free,” Glover passionately crooned. “There is no joy in sorrow, no truth untold.”

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    The rapper/singer/actor also peppered his setlist with recent offerings “Summertime Magic”, “Feels Like Summer” (its bonkers video was just released last weekend), and, of course, the controversial smash single “This Is America”. Glover also did “I. The Worst Guys”, his Chance the Rapper collaboration off 2013’s Because the Internet, “Sober” from 2014’s STN MTN / Kauai mixtape, and a slew of Awaken, My Love! songs in “Redbone”, “Have Some Love”, and “Boogieman”.


    Glover previously announced his intention to end Childish Gambino, explaining, “There’s nothing worst than like a third sequel, like a third movie and we’re like, ‘again?’” His forthcoming album, on which “Summertime Magic” appears, is expected to be his last.

    Check out the full setlist below, followed by fan-caught footage from the show. Grab tickets to the rest of his This Is America tour here.

    All Night
    Summertime Magic
    I. The Worst Guys
    II. Worldstar
    Stand Tall
    Have Some Love
    Feels Like Summer
    This Is America


    V. 3005
    IV. Sweatpants

    Confirming this is his last Gambino tour: 


    “All Night”:

    “This Is America”:

    Part of the encore:

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