SOB x RBE reveal new album, GANGIN II: Stream

The follow-up to this year's excellent GANGIN debut

Stream Gangin II SOB x RBE

    SOB x RBE have released their new album, GANGIN II. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    Spanning 15 tracks, GANGIN II is the group’s sophomore release and second one of the year following GANGIN, which dropped in March. It also comes after SOB x RBE’s impressive contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther soundtrack. The new LP was previously teased with early cuts “Made It” and “Vibes”.

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    In an interview with Billboard, the rap collective’s Slimmy B talked about the expectations attached to GANGIN II, especially in the wake of its predecessor’s success:

    “There are big expectations for sure. Expectations really be high in the first place for us. It ain’t about us exceeding our expectations, though, because it’s just about us versus them. We do what we do whether people like it or not, that won’t change shit; but our people are most likely gonna like it because they like our music. We give ‘em what they want.”

    GANGIN II comes amidst what appears to be some drama within SOB x RBE, which stands for “Strictly Only Brothers, Real Boi Entertainment.” In a since-deleted tweet, the outfit’s leader Yhung T.O. claimed GANGIN II would be his last with SOB x RBE. Further fueling this rumor is the fact that T.O. has already inked a deal with Interscope and properly released his own solo material; he was also noticeably absent from that aforementioned Billboard interview.


    While life beyond GANGIN II is still up the air for T.O., the rest of the band is intent on looking forward, with Lul G noting they’re already working on new “group shit” in the studio.

    To support GANGIN II, SOB x RBE will head out on a tour of the US and Europe beginning the first week of October. Find that itinerary here.

    GANGIN II Artwork:

    sobx rbe gangin ii stream new album SOB x RBE reveal new album, GANGIN II: Stream


    GANGIN II Tracklist:
    01. Intro (Gangin)
    02. Hood Ballad
    03. North Vallejo
    04. Made It
    05. All Facts Not 1 Opinion
    06. Bitch
    07. Let Em Have It
    08. Uber wit a Dub
    09. Peek a Boo
    10. Times Get Hard
    11. Can’t Go Back
    12. Water Fountain
    13. Leave the Streets Alone
    14. Vibes
    15. Fuck About Us

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