Halloween: Resurrection Is the Worst Horror Movie Sequel Ever

In 2002, people actually paid to see Busta Rhymes use kung fu against Michael Myers

Halloween: Resurrection, Dimension Films
Halloween: Resurrection, Dimension Films

    “Trick or treat, motherfucker!”

    Welcome back Huskers to another episode of Halloweenies, a limited series on the Consequence Podcast Network. If you recall, McKenzie Gerber, Dan Caffrey, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman are carving out one Halloween movie at a time leading up to the October 19th release of David Gordon Green’s highly anticipated sequel.

    This month, the four Halloweenies return to Haddonfield, Illinois for a little Dangertainment in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. Directed by Halloween II filmmaker Rick Rosenthal, this godawful sequel is not only an insult to the franchise’s legendary Scream Queen, but the horror genre altogether. Yes, it’s that bad.

    What’s more, senior writer Sarah Kurchak joins the gang to talk all about her review for next month’s Halloween, only 12 hours removed from attending the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.


    So, listen above and start texting Deckard.

    Chapters include:
    — Introductions
    — Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Tweet / Halloween TIFF Report (12:30)
    — Smith’s Grove Archives (50:00)
    — WKNB (1:26:00)
    — Michael Myers Was 21 (1:36:45)
    — September Girls (1:53:30)
    — Buds and Bobs (2:24:45)
    — And One of Them Was Annie! (2:51:00)
    — One Good Scare (2:53:35)
    — Getoutnow! (2:53:50)
    — The Mark of Thorn (2:57:45)
    — Overall Thoughts (3:03:30)
    — Outro (3:10:30)