Indie Songwriters tUnE-yArDs, Mondo Cozmo, and Jealous of the Birds Get Political, Hilarious, and Real

From testifying in front of Congress with a hangover to meditations on white privilege, this trio of experimental songwriters share everything and anything with Kyle Meredith

Kyle Meredith With... tUnE-yArDs, Mondo Cozmo, and Jealous of the Birds
Kyle Meredith With… tUnE-yArDs, Mondo Cozmo, and Jealous of the Birds

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    Kyle Meredith checks in with the masterminds behind tUnE-yArDs (Merrill Garbus), Mondo Cozmo (Josh Ostrander), and Jealous of the Birds (Naomi Hamilton) to pick their brains, talk about their new music, and discuss their future plans.

    Garbus chews on race, representation, and white privilege. Ostrander recalls how he attempted to steal utensils from the Kennedy Room and got wasted the night before he testified in front of Congress. And finally, Hamilton reflects on how she’s only been a songwriter for a few years and expands upon her background in poetry.

    Kyle Meredith With… is an interview series in which WFPK’s Kyle Meredith speaks to a wide breadth of musicians. Each episode, Meredith digs deep into an artist’s work to find out how the music is made and where their journey is going, from legendary artists like Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, U2 and Bryan Ferry, to the newer class of The National, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Haim, and Father John Misty. Check back Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new episodes. Rate the series now via iTunes.


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