Lupe Fiasco drops new album DROGAS Wave: Stream

Fiasco's follow-up to DROGAS Light gives us a "fully complex, fully involved Lupe"

Lupe Fiasco Drogas Wave
Lupe Fiasco

    After a year-long wait, DROGAS Wave, Lupe Fiasco’s follow-up to 2017’s DROGAS Light, has finally dropped.

    DROGAS Wave spans 24 tracks over two sides, featuring a host of artists including Simon Sayz, Damian Marley, and Nikki Jean. The full tracklist is below.

    Originally, Fiasco’s new album was going to be released on September 28th; however, some unexpected leaks forced the artist to push the album’s release date up to September 21st. Lucky for us, because now we can enjoy the track-packed project a little early.


    Check out the album on Apple Music or Spotify below.

    DROGAS Wave Tracklist:

    Side A
    01. In the Event of Typhoon
    02. Drogas
    03. Manilla
    04. Gold vs. the Right Things to Do
    05. Slave Ship (Interlude)
    06. Wav Files
    07. Down (feat. Nikki Jean)
    08. Haile Selassie (feat. Nikki Jean)
    09. Alan Forever (feat. Crystal “Røvél” Torres)
    10. Helter Skelter (Interlude)
    11. Stronger (feat. Nikki Jean)
    12. Sun God Sam & the California Drug Deals (feat. Nikki Jean)

    Side B
    13. Xo (feat. Troi Irons)
    14. Don’t Mess Up the Children (Interlude)
    15. Jonylah Forever
    16. Kingdom (feat. Damian Marley)
    17. Baba Kwesi (Interlude)
    18. Imagine (feat. Simon Sayz and Crystal “Røvél” Torres)
    19. Stack That Cheese (feat. Nikki Jean)
    20. Cripple (feat. Elena Pinderhughes)
    21. King Nas
    22. Quotations From Chairman Fred (feat. Nikki Jean and Bishop Edgar Jackson)
    23. Happy Timbuck2 Day
    24. Mural Jr.