Spotify now offering custom playlists based on your DNA

Jurassic Park, Universal Pictures

Blink and you’ll likely miss a new update from Spotify. Over the past few weeks, the streaming giant has increased the number of downloads users can possess and opened the hatch for independent musicians to upload their music directly. Now, Spotify is doing stuff with DNA!

Spotify has partnered up with to offer playlists based on one’s genetic heritage. In other words, a collection of music that’s based on all the different regions in one’s genetic code. So, if you’ve got German blood, get ready for Kraftwerk.

Of course, as with anything involving two conglomerations, there’s a catch. As Spin notes, Ancestry’s terms of service requires you to give up partial rights on how the company uses your DNA, and anyone who’s read a Michael Crichton novel knows that ain’t good.

Stay tuned next week when Spotify starts delivering bands to your doorstep.

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