50 Cent bought 200 front-row tickets to Ja Rule’s concert “so they can be empty”

50 Cent mocks his longtime rival with an epic ticket stunt

50 Cent "attends" Ja Rule concert
50 Cent “attends” Ja Rule concert

The Golden State Warriors’ trolling of Fergie is child’s play compared to what 50 Cent just did to his longtime rival, Ja Rule. After seeing tickets to an upcoming Ja Rule concert available on Groupon for $15 a piece, 50 Cent went ahead and purchased 200 seats “in the front so they can be empty.”

50 Cent also posted a photoshopped image depicting himself sitting in an empty concert venue. “What a show, ????I mean just fucking great. Do it again????my kid went to the restroom. LOL,” he wrote in the caption directed at Ja Rule.


Such a stunt may explain why 50 Cent declared bankruptcy, but shit is still funny as hell.

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