Claire Underwood rules with fear in new House of Cards trailer: Watch

The final season premieres November 2nd

House of Cards Robin Wright Trailer Netflix
Netflix’s House of Cards

    House of Cards is set to return on November 2nd, just in time for the midterm elections. Early previews of the Netflix show’s sixth and final season have focused on the lack of Kevin Spacey, who of course was fired over accusations of sexual misconduct. In the final, full trailer, however, we get a look at what the reign of Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will be like — and it could be even more vicious than her husband’s administration.

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    Everyone seems to be fearful of what Clarie’s presidency means for the country, with Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper stating, “You said it yourself, she’s as guilty as he is. I’m saying, maybe more.” Even the media agrees that the first female president is one to fear, with reporters saying things like, “She might be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country” and “Every punishment that history will surely visit upon Claire Underwood will be exactly what she deserves.” Most intriguing may be the role of newcomer Greg Kinnear, though, as he’s teased as someone extremely close to the Madam President while simultaneously vehemently apposed to her agenda.

    Watch the trailer below.