Open Mike Eagle’s new EP, What Happens When I Try to Relax, is coming later this week

The follow-up to 2017's Brick Body Kids Still Daydream will be here in just a few days

Open mike eagle what happens when i try to relax release date
Open Mike Eagle, photo by Kim Newmoney

    Open Mike Eagle returned last month with a new single called “Relatable (peak OME)”, along with the promise of a more expansive project that would soon be on the way. He’s kept that vow, announcing today the details of an imminent new EP.

    Titled What Happens When I Try to Relax, it’s due out this Friday, October 19th. It marks his first release through his own Auto Reverse record label, and spans a total of six songs. With the exception of “Relatable”, their titles have been mostly kept a mystery). The EP follows up on Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, his breakout 2017 album.

    “It’s too complicated for a quick explanation….” the Chicago-born, but LA-based rapper previously said of “Relatable”. “It’s about expectations of form, anxiety, middle age and middle class. and that’s just the parts I know how to put into words a couple months after writing it.”


    Beginning October 19th, OME will hit the road, with tour dates scheduled in parts of Europe and North America. Find his full itinerary here.

    Recently, OME — an avid wrestling fan — actually participated in his first-ever wrestling match. He battled Shiloh Jonze in the ring in Louisville last week and came out victorious (with the added help of wrestling icon Mick Foley, but still).

    On the comedy front, OME has been working with Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Baron Vaughn on the upcoming Comedy Central show The New Negroes, a variety show that combines stand-up and music to investigate “perceptions of blackness.” He also performed at Adult Swim’s inaugural festival in downtown Los Angeles a few weekends ago.

    What Happens When I Try To Relax Artwork:

    What Happens When I Try To Relax Tracklist:
    01. Relatable (peak OME)
    02. E____ S____ T____
    03. M________
    04. S_____ G_____
    05. S________ E____ (9_ B____ )
    06. M____ G___ (a_ i_________ )

    Revisit “Relatable” below.


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