St. Vincent shares MassEducation, a stripped down reimagining of MASSEDUCTION: Stream

Reworkings of the songs featuring Thomas "Doveman" Bartlett on piano and St. Vincent's vocals

St. Vincent MassEducation Stream Piano
St. Vincent, photo by Ben Kaye

    Last year brought the release St. Vincent’s latest opus, the flawless MASSEDUCTIONAlmost precisely a year later, she’s now returned with a completely different version of the album, a reworking she’s dubbed, MassEducation. The 12-track LP is out now via Loma Vista Recordings, and Apple Music and Spotify users can stream the whole thing below.

    MassEducation features the accompaniment of Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett on piano alongside St. Vincent’s own vocals — and nothing more. The sessions took place in August of 2017 at New York’s Reservoir Studios while Annie Clark and Bartlett simultaneously mixed MASSEDUCTION. The pair have performed these stripped down versions of the songs on a select number of intimate performances, but news of the full album release only came last week.

    Describing her relationship with Bartlett in a handwritten letter, Clark said she owes “my most transcendent nights and exquisite hangovers to his company.” She continued,

    “Many things have been said of him over the years, ‘doting virtuoso,’ ‘a queer fantasia over straight themes,’ ‘to know him is to love him, as anyone will tell you…’ So here it is: Two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City. Enjoy.”


    “Slow Slow Disco” (here retitled “Slow Disco” once more) and “Savior” preceded the record release. Stream the entire thing below.

    MassEducation Artwork:

    MassEducation St. Vincent Album Artwork Cover Art

    MassEducation Tracklist:
    01. Slow Disco
    02. Savior
    03. Masseduction
    04. Sugarboy
    05. Fear The Future
    06. Smoking Section
    07. Los Ageless
    08. New York
    09. Young Lover
    10. Happy Birthday, Johnny
    11. Pills
    12. Hang On Me


    St. Vincent MassEducation Letter Thomas Bartlett


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