Tenacious D share NSFW second episode of Post-Apocalypto web series with new song “Making Love”: Stream

This is some dirty, dirty shit

tenacious d making love post apocalypro
Tenacious D’s Post-Apocalypto

    Late last month, Tenacious D dropped the first episode of its new web series, Post-Apocalypto, which serves as a companion to their new album of the same name. Now, in conjunction with the series’ second episode, Jack Black and Kyle Gass have released a new song, “Making Love”, which is just as filthy as you might expect.

    It’s not nearly as blush-inducingly vulgar as the NSFW episode, however, which finds the duo stumbling across a tribe of busty women as they navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland with their two-headed dog, Hope. As the the song implies, some filthy love-making follows, and, despite the thing being animated, the episode is about as X-rated as they come.

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    The song, a tender ballad that soon blossoms into an orgasmic storm of electric noodling backed by Dave Grohl‘s bombastic drumming, centers around Jack Black’s JB, who is feeling “so vulnerable” that he’s “not ready to give you my load.”


    Check out a lyric video for the song below and, if you’re feeling saucy, watch the full episode below that.

    Tenacious D will support Post-Apocalypto (series and album) with a North American tour that begins in early October. You can grab tickets here. Also, in case you missed it, watch Black channel Bob Ross and paint Gass. The album hits stores on November 2nd.

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