Tenacious D fly to the stars in Post-Apocalypto Chapter 3 and new song “Take Us Into Space”: Stream

JB and KG are back with another NSFW entry of the animated web series

Tenacious D Take Us Into Space Post-Apocalypto Chapter 3
Tenacious D’s Post-Apocalypto

    When last we saw Tenacious D in the second episode of their Post-Apocalypto animated web series, Jack Black and Kyle Gass were escaping the jaws of the Krakalakadingdong. That was, of course, after “Making Love” to a bunch of secretly man-hating women, but hey, you take what you can get in a post-nuclear holocaust landscape.

    The equally NSFW Chapter three picks up with JB and KG riding through the desert — singing “Backstreet Boys” no less. When they come upon a group of scientists building a rocket ship, they plead their case to join them on their space journey with a song called, aptly, “Take Us Into Space”. Up there, they have the chance to party with Richard Bronson and Elon Musk, but there’s a catch: There’s only room for on member of the D aboard the ship.

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    As for “Take Us Into Space”, the track is a lap-steel country goodbye to Earth. As they bid adieu to “Your fucking flowers/ Your fresh breeze/ Your blue skies all day,” they look forward to partying with Bronson and Musk and all the space sex they’re obviously going to have — only for the purpose of saving the human race, of course.


    Check out the song and episode below.

    Revisit Post-Apocalypto chapter one, “Hope”, and two, “Making Love”, before catching Tenacious D on their North American tour supporting the album and series. Tickets are available here. Post-Apocalypto the album hits stores on November 2nd.