Ty Segall delicately covers The Dils’ punk rock hit “Class War”: Stream

Prolific garage rocker takes a more melancholic approach to the 1977 original

Ty Segall Class War The Dils
Ty Segall, photo by Kimberley Ross

    In just a few weeks, Ty Segall will release his fourth album of 2018. Titled Fudge Sandwich, it’s a covers LP featuring tastily reimagined versions of tracks originally by Grateful Dead, John Lennon, Neil Young, Funkadelic, and War, among others.

    Segall initially teased the full-length with last month’s rendition of “I’m a Man”, made famous in 1967 by Steve Winwood’s The Spencer Davis Group. The prolific garage rocker is back today with his take on “Class War” by punk outfit The Dils. Led by brothers Chip and Tony Kinman, the group was once affectionately known as “California’s The Clash” and “the punk rock Everly Brothers.”

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    While The Dils took a brash, rapid-fire approach to their 1977 cut, Segall is happy to take his time unfurling “Class War” first as an acoustic ballad, then ’70s-era rock and roll jam. Perhaps this is why he’s able to churn out album after album, and under different aliases — Segall is as chameleonic as they come, showing various sides of himself with each project.


    According to a press statement, The Dils’ Chip happily approves of the cover. “Ty Segall answers questions that Tony and I never even thought to ask with his version of ‘Class War’,” he said. “I LOVE it!”

    Take a listen to their cover below.

    Here’s The Dils’ original for comparison:

    Fudge Sandwich hits store shelves on October 26th via In The Red. The LP follows Segall’s Freedom’s Goblin in January, July’s collaborative effort with White Fence, and his latest GØGGS record. This Wednesday, Segall will kick off his 18-date solo acoustic tour.

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