Mastodon’s Brent Hinds was victim of hit-and-run crash on his motorcycle early this year

The injury forced the guitarist-singer to miss the Grammy Awards in January

Brent Hinds
Brent Hinds, via Instagram: bhinds

    Mastodon won their first-ever Grammy award back in January, but guitarist Brent Hinds wasn’t there to accept the trophy. Now, he reveals that he was the victim of a hit-and-run crash while riding his motorcycle at that time, landing him in the hospital.

    The metal musician shared photos today (November 8th) on Instagram of his bloody face from the accident while promoting a new film called Hell Bound that was premiering tonight in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In a bit of a rambling caption, he wrote, “I was lucky enough to live through playing a Lil bit a guitar on the sound track on January 23, 2018 and that’s why I couldn’t attend the Grammy’s (because I was involved in a hit and run on my motorcycle that ended me up in ???? pistola)..that i got absolutely NO shout out from my best friends/band mates???? ..I know they love me and just be havin stupid nervousness,but still ! Here is a few photos of the results.” The pictures appear as you click through the slideshow below:

    On January 28th, Mastodon won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for their song “Sultan’s Curse”, marking their first win after five nominations.

    After seeing the comments on his Instagram post, Hinds updated it with, “To all the people that think that this is recent ..or funny? please stop the stupid fucking comments ..I put the post up to pimp my ‘friends’ movie..Go see this movie..!!! And go fuck your self’s.”

    In 2016, Hinds broke his leg while trying to start his motorcycle, forcing his side project Giraffe Tongue Orchestra to cancel their tour.


    Meanwhile, in more recent injury news, Hinds busted open his elbow and had to get stitched up when he slipped on the rocks while on vacation with his wife in Brazil. He shared a photo that his wife took, saying, “2 seconds after this photo was taken. I slipped and busted my elbow wide open ! you would think that I had totally forgotten that rocks that have been wet for an eternity are very slippery..but there was a carving in the rock that had caught my eye just behind me …such a sucker for a good ol carved fish into a rock!”

    The entirety of Mastodon suffered hardship in September when their longtime manager, Nick John, passed away from pancreatic cancer. The band canceled its fall tour with Dinosaur Jr. shortly before his death, citing a “critical situation of a member of the Mastodon family.”

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