Ryley Walker releases full covers album of Dave Matthews Band’s The Lillywhite Sessions: Stream

The Chicago experimentalist takes on a lost album from one of his favorite bands

Ryley Walker Dave Matthews Band The Lillywhite Sessions Photo by Evan Jenkins stream full album
Ryley Walker, photo by Evan Jenkins

    Chicago musician Ryley Walker has today shared his complete album cover of Dave Matthews Band’s lost 2001 LP, The Lillywhite SessionsStream the whole thing below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    In 1999 and 2000, DMB recorded what was intended to be their fourth full-length effort with producer Steve Lillywhite. However, the songs were shelved in favor of what became Everyday (produced by Glen Ballard), and the Lillywhite sessions were relegated to a Napster bootleg. Many of the tracks appeared two years later on Busted Stuff.

    Walker decided to revisit the bootleg album as an act of rejection and defiance against music snobbery that says a massively successful act like DMB is not quote-unquote good music. It’s also his way of validating his own appreciation of the group by rearranging Matthews’ songwriting into his own jazzy, experimental sound. As he told Exclaim,

    “I hate the idea you can’t like something because it’s popular. I’ve been accused of being a record nerd or snob, so I think this is kind of a rallying cry against that: sort of disarming that taboo of hating something because it’s not great. And I really think Dave Matthews is great. It comes out of a total place of love. It’s funny; I love all sorts of music, and I pride myself on having this vast library and knowledge in my head of music, but I haven’t been listening to a lot of music outside of Dave Matthews.”


    Take a listen to Walker’s The Lillywhite Sessions below.

    The Lillywhite Sessions serves as the follow-up to Walker’s May album of original material, Deafman GlanceWalker is currently on the road supporting all this new music in Europe, but he’ll be back with North American dates come December.

    The Lillywhite Sessions Artwork:

    Ryley Walker The Lillywhite Sessions Album Cover Art Artwork Dave Matthews Band

    The Lillywhite Sessions Tracklist:
    01. Busted Stuff
    02. Grey Street
    03. Diggin’ A Ditch
    04. Sweet Up And Down
    05. JTR
    06. Big Eyed Fish
    07. Grace Is Gone
    08. Captain
    09. Bartender
    10. Monkey Man
    11. Kit Kat Jam
    12. Raven