Saba calls on IDK for new track “Beautiful Smile”: Stream

Two of the rising stars of hip-hop join forces

Saba IDK Beautiful Smile

    Rising Chicago rapper Saba has been on a hot streak of collaborations as of late. His track “Stay Right Here” with Mick Jenkins was one of our favorite songs of the last week, and he also recently showed up on The O’Mys’ latest album, Tomorrow, on a song produced by the Social Experiments’ Peter CottonTale. Today, our former Artist of the Month is back with another team-up, this time hooking up with IDK for a track called “Beautiful Smile”.

    Produced by Saba himself alongside daedaePIVOT and some help from Daoud, “Beautiful Smile” has an anxious and murky beat, the kind that makes you want to keep your head on a swivel. But as the lyrics reveal, that’s just the way life is right now — and it doesn’t have to be. Raps Saba at one point,

    “So someone dissed me in a crew, but honestly I forgot who
    ‘Cause niggas is snakes and what’s crazy
    Is that it’s somebody I probably knew
    Me I don’t get it, no clue, that’s just some shit you don’t do
    That’s just some more shit I add to the list
    That I can’t give no energy to”

    There’s hope to be found in the track, even as it takes on the unfortunate situations that are running our streets red. Take a listen to the full thing below.