Tommy Lee Wallace on Adapting Stephen King’s It and Carving Out the Most Original Halloween Sequel

The Losers trick or treat around Derry for this special Halloweenies crossover episode

Halloween III: Season of the Witch with Pennywise
Halloween III: Season of the Witch with Pennywise

    Trick or treat, Constant Listeners. Halloween has come to Derry, Maine, where hundreds of children are walking the streets, wearing brand new Silver Shamrock masks imported from Santa Mira, California. It’s almost time!

    Join ol’ Michael “Trashmouth” Roffman as he rings up director Tommy Lee Wallace to talk about both his 1990 miniseries adaptation for Stephen King’s It and his all-time cult classic Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It’s a special crossover episode of The Losers’ Club and Hallowenies, as presented in two different modes above and below.

    Be sure to return next week when the Losers review Stephen King’s new novel Elevation and the Halloweenies tackle Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake.


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