Zayn says he no longer identifies as Muslim

"I have a spiritual belief of there is a god," the former One Direction star explained. "Do I believe there’s a hell? No"

Zayn no longer identifies as Muslim
Zayn Malik

    In a new interview with British VogueZayn made a point to clarify his religious beliefs.

    After being described as “Britain’s most famous Muslim,” the former One Direction member corrected the interviewer, saying, “I’ve never spoken publicly about what my religious beliefs are,” before affirming, “I’m not professed to be a Muslim.”

    He then went on to explain, for the first time, his personal beliefs:

    “I believe whatever people’s religious beliefs are is between them and whoever or whatever they’re practicing. For me, I have a spiritual belief there is a god. Do I believe there’s a hell? No…

    [Discussing faith] becomes a religious fucking debacle of philosophers. I just want to keep it between me and whatever I believe. I feel like that makes me move through life in a nice way. If I behave well, I will get treated well. That’s it. I don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a certain way, I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day. I don’t believe any of it. I just believe if you’re a good person everything is going to go right for you…

    [Dropping religion was] really easy for me. With my mum and dad, they were always there to educate us – I did go to mosque, I did study Islam – but they gave us the option so you could choose for yourself… There’s definitely beautiful parts to every religion.”


    Check out the full interview, where the pop star also seemed to confirm the long-standing rumors that his collaborator and friend Taylor Swift sometimes travels inside a giant suitcase.

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