Beetlejuice soundtrack to receive 30th anniversary reissue

Waxwork Records has announced a deluxe soundtrack for the Tim Burton classic

Beetlejuice Soundtrack 30th anniversary reissue waxwork records
Beetlejuice Soundtrack

    The ghost with the most finally gets the soundtrack release he deserves.

    Tim Burton’s 1988 ghostly comedy classic Beetlejuice was a breakout hit for Burton and star Michael Keaton, and cemented Burton’s decades-long partnership with his carnivalesque musical collaborator Danny Elfman. Now, Waxwork Records is reissuing Elfman’s soundtrack for the film’s 30th anniversary, and it’s a whopper of a deluxe, re-mastered release.

    Featuring Elfman’s complete soundtrack (and the two Harry Belafonte tracks featured in the film), Beetlejuice 30th Anniversary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is pressed to 180 gram colored vinyl in either “Beetlejuice swirl” or black and white, set to match Betelgeuse’s classic striped suit. It all comes housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring new original artwork by Phantom City Creative’s Justin Erickson.

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    It’s a gorgeous release, and should at least tide us over until Beetlejuice 2, which its cast maintain still might actually happen. At the very least, we’ll have that Beetlejuice musical next year. In the meantime, though, just slap this bad boy on your turntable and jam out to “Day O” until you drop dead — or float to the ceiling.


    The album sells for $30, and will be available Friday, December 7th via Waxwork’s website.

    Beetlejuice 30th Anniversary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Artwork:



    Beetlejuice Soundtrack, photo courtesy Waxwork Records album artwork cover

    beetlejuice 30th anniversary soundtrack reissue interior artwork album sleeve art print black and white vinyl

    Need a refresher on the greatness of Beetlejuice? Here’s the film’s trailer.