Cardi B will not perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Cardi joins Rihanna and JAY-Z in her decision to reject the performance as a show of solidarity to Colin Kaepernick

cardi b super bowl halftime show
Cardi B

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    The Super Bowl Halftime Show, of all things, became politicized this year when artists like JAY-Z and Rihanna turned down offers to perform as a show of solidarity to Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who was seemingly blackballed from the league for protesting police brutality. Now, Page Six is reporting that Cardi B, who’s been rumored to join Maroon 5 at this year’s Halftime Show, is the latest star to do so.

    The claim comes on the heels of rumors that Cardi was seeking millions of dollars and a solo showcase at the event. A representative for Cardi, however, denies this. “The rumor circulating that she wants a million dollars and she wants her own set is false. There was never a firm offer to begin with for a performance. There [were] talks about it, but she was not particularly interested in participating because of how she feels about Colin Kaepernick and the whole movement,” the rep told Page Six. “But again, there was never a solid offer for her to say yes or no to regarding the Super Bowl.”

    It must feel like a missed opportunity for the NFL, not just for the height of her star, but also because of her feature on Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” and the fact that she’s already in Atlanta that weekend to perform a pre-Super Bowl concert with Bruno Mars. Cardi, though, has been vocal in the past about her support of Kaepernick.


    Maroon 5 won’t be alone, however. It was recently revealed that Travis Scott would join the band at the halftime show, a decision with which JAY-Z is none too pleased.

    Super Bowl 53 is set for February 3rd, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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