Offset reportedly wins Cardi B back with $106K Christmas gift

Ah, behold, the power of Birkin and Chanel...

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Cardi B and Offset

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Nobody had a better Christmas than Cardi B. Earlier this morning, the blockbuster artist shared her holiday haul on Instagram, scanning over $230,000 dollars worth of goods, ranging from purses to pumps, sandals to diamond bracelets.

But what she really got was love. Maybe.

According to Page Six, nearly half of those goods came from her estranged husband Offset, who gifted her three Birkin bags in lime, black and “rose candy” — at a total cost of $106,000. In fact, he even tossed in “several pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, some jewelry and two Chanel handbags.”

In case you missed out, Offset has spent the last few weeks trying to resolve things ever since their split from earlier this month. He even went so far as to crash her set at Rolling Loud Los Angeles, where he lavished her with thousands of dollars worth of roses.

While that live stunt didn’t work — despite leading to a rejuvenating holiday hookup — his presents may have finally done the trick. The two of them, as Page Six reports, are reportedly heading to Honolulu together, where she performs on Thursday.

Um, sorry Troy Beyer, but looks like love does cost a thing or two.

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