Pusha-T says Kanye West doesn’t wear his MAGA hat anymore

The Daytona rapper also talks about mental health and how there are no limits in his beef with Drake in an interview on The Daily Show

Pusha-T says Kanye doesn't wear MAGA hat anymore video
Pusha-T (photo by Ben Kaye) and Kanye West

    Kanye West had something of a long overdue epiphany in October, as he finally appeared willing to distance himself from Donald Trump. “My eyes are now wide open,” he remarked at the time. As such, Kanye no longer wears the red MAGA hat he once proudly donned — that is, according to friend and collaborator Pusha-T.

    “He doesn’t anymore,” Pusha told host Trevor Noah during an appearance on The Daily Show Tuesday night. “He stopped. He stopped.”

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    Noah pressed on, asking how difficult it’s been for them to continue their friendship and working relationship considering their conflicting political views. “Can you imagine having those conversations while he’s trying to make my album?” Pusha replied. “He basically has my life in his palm and I have to tell him that I hate something.”

    However, Pusha said it was this kind of conflict and disagreement that actually led to the greatness of the Kanye-produced Daytona. “We always have real conversations, though. Always,” he said. “I think that’s why me and him connect so well and I think that’s why Daytona came out so well. It’s a give and take. If I don’t like something, I say it and he tries to correct it, and so on and so forth.”


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    Pusha and Noah also touched on the subject of mental health and how Kanye has been incredibly outspoken about his issues. Pusha said that he’s lived most of his life “ignorant to mental health,” but that he, much like Kanye, has had his eyes opened to the subject. “When we were coming up, nobody just looked toward that,” Pusha remarked, “and now, learning about it, it’s a real, real thing.”

    Elsewhere in his interview, Pusha briefly discussed the infamous Daytona album cover depicting Whitney Houston’s bathroom, saying it represents the “organized chaos” of his Grammy-nominated record. Pusha didn’t open up too much about the Drake beef, but said that “there is no edge” or limit when it comes to rap feuds. It’s about being “scathing,” he said, and “about getting a rise out of your opponent or getting them to hush.”

    Watch Pusha’s full interview below.