Gary Oldman narrates new David Bowie Is AR app

A digital version of the renowned exhibition

Gary Oldman David Bowie Is Narration AR App Hideo Oida
David Bowie and Gary Oldman (photo by Hideo Oida)

Back in the fall, it was announced that the acclaimed David Bowie Is traveling art exhibition would be making its next stop on your phone with a new AR app. With five days left before the augmented reality tour through Bowie’s life becomes available, it’s now been revealed that actor Gary Oldman has provided the app’s narration.

The digital adaptation of the touring exhibit brings an AR interpretation of the museum experience into the palm of your hands. The first of its kind presentation “mirrors the physical exhibition through a sequence of audio-visual spaces through which the works and artifacts of Bowie’s life can be explored.” As you explore 360-degree 3D renderings of Bowies costumes, storyboards, handwritten lyrics, diary entries, and more (including dozens of pieces not seen in the original exhibition), you’ll be provided guidance by Oldman’s voice as well as Bowie’s music and his own narration.

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“This brings the amazing David Bowie Is exhibition to a wider audience. It’s great that his fans get to experience it. It was a privilege to be involved,” Oldman said in a press release. A close friend of Bowie’s who starred alongside the late Starman in Julian Schnabel’s film Basquiat and the video for “The Next Day”, Oldman added, “I see him less as ‘David Bowie’ and more as ‘Dave from Brixton and I’m Gary from New Cross’.”

At a price of $7.99, the David Bowie Is… Virtual app will be available for iOS and Android devices beginning January 8th, which would have marked Bowie’s 72nd birthday. You can watch a short preview of the AR experience at the app’s website.

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