Jonathan Davis recording vocals for new Korn album, thanks fans for making “pain bearable” during difficult time

"I promise to give you my all on this amazing new Korn record"

Jonathan Davis of Korn
Jonathan Davis, photo by Matt Akana

    Korn are hoping to have a new album out sometime in 2019, and the latest update from Jonathan Davis makes it seem like the veteran nu-metal band will achieve that goal. Over the weekend, the singer revealed that he is recording vocals for the upcoming disc, while also thanking fans for their support following the tragic death of his estranged wife, Deven Davis, this past summer.

    On his Instagram account Sunday, Davis posted a photo of himself with headphones on in the studio, writing, “I want to thank you all for your kind words over the last couple months what I’m going thru has not been easy by any means. You all helped make the pain bearable. In return I promise to give you my all on this amazing new @korn_official record we all can heal together. #recordingvocals”

    The Korn frontman’s wife, Deven, died at the age of 39 in August. At the time of her death, it was revealed that Jonathan had filed a restraining order against her to keep her away from their children, and he would later issue a statement explaining that Deven “had a very serious mental illness and her addiction was a side effect.” In October, it was revealed that Deven died from an accidental overdose of multiple drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

    Korn’s next album will be their 13th overall, and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch recently told us, “We’ve got some amazing tricks up our sleeves that we haven’t done before, some fun things that the fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by. I know that for a fact.” He added that the band would “love to get it out before the end of [2019].”

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    Last month, Korn were announced as headliners of the 2019 Welcome to Rockville and Epicenter festivals, taking place in May in Jacksonville, Florida, and Rockingham, North Carolina, respectively.


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