R Kelly has been hiding out in Trump Tower Chicago

Police received a tip that Kelly was holding two women against their will

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R. Kelly

    On Friday, R Kelly received another visit from police — this time at Trump Tower Chicago, where the R&B singer has been hiding out, according to TMZ.

    Following the airing of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R Kelly, prosecutors in Cook County, IL encouraged Kelly’s alleged victims to “please come forward” in order to initiate an investigation. According to the Chicago Tribune, one tip they received said two women were being held against their will at Kelly’s Trump Tower residence.

    Officers visited Trump Tower on Friday and spoke with the two women identified as Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. The women said they were not being held hostage and the officers left without making any arrests.

    The parents of both Savage and Clary appeared in Surviving R Kelly and believe their daughters may have been brainwashed by Kelly.

    This was the second time in as many days that Kelly was visited by police. Early Thursday morning, officers crashed Kelly’s birthday party after receiving a tip that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. However, after speaking with Kelly, officers determined the information to be inaccurate and let him walk free without incident.


    For his part, Kelly maintains his innocence and contends the docu-series is a “vendetta” against him by individuals who “hated him throughout his professional career.” He previously threatened to “sue everybody” involved and also launched a website and Facebook page with the aim of discrediting his numerous accusers.

    In a new interview with The Associated Press, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg denied all allegations of sexual misconduct involving women and underage girls. “The allegations aren’t true because he never knowingly had sex with an underage woman, he never forced anyone to do anything, he never held anyone captive, he never abused anyone,” said Greenberg. He also said that in the past women have “come on to” Kelly in the hopes that he would assist them in furthering their own careers, then became “disgruntled” when their own careers stalled and issued false allegations.