Ryan Adams details new albums Big Colors and Wednesdays [Updated]

Producer Don Was calls Adams "the most underrated guitarist in rock n roll"

Ryan Adams, photo by Heather Kaplan
Ryan Adams, photo by Heather Kaplan

    After a year of relentless teasing on socials, Ryan Adams finally confirmed on Monday night that he’s back with not one, not two, but three new albums for 2019.

    Now, courtesy of The Washington Post’s Power Up newsletter, we have details surrounding his first record, Big Colors, which is due out April 19th.

    Produced by Adams, Beatriz Artola, and Don Was, the 15-track LP finds Adams tapping into “the deepest reaches of the Creative Ether.” Eh, we’ll let Was do the talking, who tells the Post:

     “I wish everyone could witness the awe-inspiring sight of Ryan Adams recording in the studio . . . the endless flow of brilliant ideas is mind blowing and he’s clearly tapped into the deepest reaches of the Creative Ether. His forthcoming album(s) elevate his art form to a whole new stratosphere and it’s an honor and a thrill for all of us at Blue Note Records to work with him. Oh yeah . . . one other thing: he’s the most underrated guitarist in rock n roll.”


    Update: Per CBS News’ Anthony Mason, Adams has also shared the details of his second album, Wednesdays. It spans 17 tracks and features contributions from Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, and Benmont Tench of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. A release date is still forthcoming.

    See the artwork and tracklists for both releases below. Here’s hoping The Miami Herald or The New York Times has the exclusive on the single. Loving this roll out.

    Big Colors Artwork:

    ryan adams big colors

    Wednesdays Artwork:

    ryan adams wednesdays

    Big Colors Tracklist:
    01. Big Colors
    02. Do Not Disturb
    03. It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud
    04. (Expletive) the Rain
    05. Doylestown Girl
    06. Dreaming You Backwards
    07. I Surrender
    08. What Am I
    09. Power
    10. Showtime
    11. In It For The Pleasure
    12. Middle of the Line
    13. I’m Sorry and I Love You
    14. Manchester
    15. Summer Rain


    Wednesdays Tracklist:
    01. Walk in the Dark
    02. Who Is Gonna Love Me Now, If Not You
    03. So Anyways
    04. Wednesdays
    05. Lost in Time
    06. It’s Not That Kind of Night
    07. Somewhere It Is Spring
    08. Poison & Pain
    09. Nobody Wins
    10. Momma
    11. When You Cross Over
    12. Birmingham
    13. Like a Heatwave
    14. Red & Orange Special
    15. Magic Trick
    16. Pennsylvania Moon
    17. Take Me Home