Michael Rapaport calls Meek Mill a “trash rapper”: “You make 300 songs, five will be OK”

The veteran actor and hip-hop fanatic says he "isn’t even a top 20 Rapper from Philadelphia"

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Meek Mill and Michael Rapaport

    Whether he’s on screen, behind the mic, or on social media, Michael Rapaport loves a spicy hot take, especially when it comes to hip-hop. As a longtime fan of the genre — in 2011, he directed the excellent documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest — Rapaport shares his two cents every chance he can empty his pocket.

    His latest target is Meek Mill.

    On Sunday, following the Philadelphia rapper’s performance at the NBA All-Star Game, Rapaport just couldn’t contain himself on Twitter. He called the guy a “trash rapper” and joked that he must have a hearing problem “because he rhymes off the actual beat on everything he’s on. Literally off the beat, like NoFlow.”

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    Oh, it gets better. He joked that if Meek Mill made “300 songs, 5 will be OK,” and that he fumbled his chances of being a true rapper thanks to Drake. “Where I’m from, if you get dragged by DRAKE & don’t respond you’re & always will be WACK,” adding, “At least make it competitive. Re-Up. Something.”


    From there, he got even more hyperbolic, arguing that “Meek Mill isn’t even a top 20 Rapper from Philadelphia & you guys are mad at me?” Eventually, he even dragged his wife into the mix: “My Wife doesn’t agree with my opinions on #MeekMill either,” he said in faux frustration, “& I just told she can kiss my ass also.”

    She won’t be the last. Catch all the tweets below. Hilarious.